What are the 5 stages of development in a child?

During the first month of life, newborns show automatic responses to external stimuli. Babies develop new skills quickly during the first year of life. Children undergo several changes in terms of physical, speech, intellectual and cognitive development gradually until adolescence. At this stage, the areas of development are for children to become responsible, self-confident, independent and responsible.

According to the theory of Swiss developmental psychologist Jean Piaget, there are four main stages of child development. This relationship of a primary caregiver will help your child develop into a constant and loving condition during their newborn period. The brain is at its most receptive point during the first five years, leading to early experiences that have an enormous impact on the development of neurological connections. Experts classify early childhood development into stages, each of which falls within a particular age range and expresses physical, cognitive, emotional, language and speech abilities.

The age between 13 and 18 is the stage of adolescence or adolescence when a child's growth peaks, as their physiological, cognitive and psychological development occurs. These changes, known as developmental milestones, can help you see if your child is developing at the right pace. That means making sure that your child should have adequate time to develop their speech, play with their peers, and improve their creativity and decision-making skills. More specifically, early childhood development has a direct impact on children's behavior, social skills, emotional boundaries, ability to form close relationships, school readiness, and performance levels, even in adulthood.

In addition to social skills, children's development plays an important role in improving their decision-making, cognitive abilities and personality traits. Think about cognitive development, for example; children can only learn the names of different colors or animals if they've told them. All of these five stages have their own challenges, and it's important for parents to know children's growth and development stages and tips for parents. This is a crucial stage in terms of how a child develops at this stage, it will have an impact on their future growth.