What are the top five attributes that an effective preschool teacher should have?

If you have a burning desire to make a real difference in the lives of young children, you have one of the most important qualities of a great preschool teacher. A good preschool teacher must have the patience of a saint. Teachers need to work with students at their own pace, because every child is different. They have to be patient when addressing the same questions over and over again.

Young children often experience a lot of intense emotions and aren't always sure what to do with them. An empathetic teacher fosters an environment for these great feelings to be expressed, ensuring that the little ones see and hear them. When treated with care and empathy, children can better deal with these new feelings with confidence. An organized teacher is a teacher who is in control.

The organization provides the necessary structure for children to explore the possibilities of the classroom through clear expectations and guidelines. Being organized creates a healthy environment in which both the teacher and the students know what to expect from themselves and from others. An extra minute of emotional support or leaving more time for an activity or project goes a long way. Patience encourages children to participate in activities and new roles without fear of being rushed or scolded for their pace.

The qualities of a good preschool teacher begin with patience, with little humans who move according to their comfort. A great teacher is someone who never stops learning. Education and learning practices are constantly changing. My best teachers were the ones who always followed the new teaching trends, avoiding wasting what had worked in the past.

I'll never forget when one of my star teachers took a Chinese class because one of her 2-year-old son couldn't speak English. I love that he found an area that he needed to learn more about and that he took the initiative to do so in his spare time, all to improve the learning experience of a child in his care. Teachers who work with young children need to be patient. They spend their days remembering their behavior, hygiene, manners and procedures.

They may feel like they've said the same thing a million times in one day and they have to agree with that. Early childhood educators know how to stay calm under pressure and don't let the sometimes repetitive nature of work affect them. Instead, they see it as a way to support children and their learning. Young children are rarely consistent.

They change and grow rapidly, meaning that early childhood educators must be flexible with everything from lesson planning to reward systems and dealing with problems. On a larger scale, early childhood educators who run daycare centers may need to be flexible with budgets and curriculum. However, in practical terms, teachers of young children need to possess or hone the qualities that allow them to work with and motivate young children, while finding joy and success every day. Incorporating art and music into a curriculum can have a lot of positive effects on child development, so early childhood educators must think innovatively and look for the most effective ways and modalities to teach children.

An early childhood development degree gives teachers the skills they need to help all children learn. With friendly teachers, a friendly school, and a friendly community, preschoolers are empowered and better equipped to learn and do their best. From my own personal experience as a teacher and director, I have seen all types of children go through preschool and child care centers. Preschool teachers should breathe some life into their classroom by engaging their students in engaging activities.

Teachers must have learned effective skills to work with young children and communicate with them at their level. Teachers working in an early childhood setting must be highly trained professionals who understand how child learning and development work and how to take advantage of children's natural curiosities in learning opportunities. A good preschool teacher knows the different teaching methods and stays up to date with industry developments. Teachers must have the drive to open the door to learning for every child, overcoming any obstacle a child may have.

At Grand Canyon University, a bachelor's degree in early childhood education helps prepare graduates to find positions as highly qualified kindergarten through third grade teachers. You should look for a preschool that provides all the solutions that will prepare your child for academic, physical, and emotional success. When children feel safe and appreciated by their teachers, they have more confidence to explore and learn. Then, teachers should be able to communicate with the child's parents about their needs, abilities, problems, and achievements, so that both parties can help the child without excessive emotions.

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