What state pays the most for early childhood education?

Teaching specialists have some of the highest paying jobs in early childhood education. These professionals are responsible for developing educational programs and curricula for preschool and child care centers. Their auxiliary functions may include training teachers in curriculum guidelines and instructional methods, reviewing and selecting textbooks and other curriculum support materials, and analyzing learning outcomes. In other words, there may not be a better place to extend your professional wings and begin to explore what makes this state so attractive to early childhood educators.

Directors of preschool child care centers hold advanced leadership positions in the field of early childhood education, so it's no surprise that they earn some of the most impressive salaries in the field. These professionals are responsible for overseeing the operations of early childhood education centers, such as preschool and child care centers. New York offers the highest salaries for preschool special education teachers in the country and is in the top five in most other jobs that fall within the broader scope of early childhood education. An associate's degree in early childhood education would place you at the first rung when it comes to qualifications.

Work in New York State as an early childhood educator and you will be part of one of the most innovative and comprehensive early childhood systems in the country. Their duties and responsibilities are very diverse and include overseeing preschool teachers and teacher assistants, developing early childhood programs and curricula for students, and communicating with parents about their children's learning goals and progress. While these studies generally failed to directly survey teaching staff, given the economic and wage concern documented before the pandemic, it's reasonable to assume that many early childhood educators have experienced similar types of economic, physical and mental stress. Future teacher assistants may be interested in earning an Associate of Applied Science degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks.

From metropolitan team areas to small upstate cities, New York is home to well-paying jobs in early childhood education. Even when early childhood educators have a bachelor's degree, there is a wage penalty for working with children from birth to age five, compared to working with school-age children in the K-8 system, in every state. The pandemic highlighted the serious consequences of these long-standing realities, as many educators have been forced to choose between a paycheck or their own health and safety and that of their families. For example, Wake Technical Community College offers an associate's degree in applied science in early childhood education.

Early childhood education teachers are well compensated for their contributions to early learning. Louisiana State University is home to one of the best in-person doctorates in early childhood education.